The physicians of Associated Surgical strive on a daily basis to provide the best possible service to both you, the referring physician, and to your patients. We will provide prompt appointments and work into our schedule as needed. We understand that some patients may need to be seen on a more urgent basis and we will make every attempt to accommodate them.
Please call (330) 564-0728 to request an appointment time for your patient or click the button to the left to request a consultation on behalf of your patient.
If your patient needs a screening colonoscopy, many patients may be scheduled without an office visit. When the patient has no significant medical risk factors, we offer this convenience to your patients who may not want to take time out of their busy schedule. We are also happy to see them in the office to answer any questions. Patients on Coumadin™ or other anticoagulants, with implanted cardiac devices, insulin-dependent diabetes or with significant co-morbid conditions or anxiety about the procedure should be seen in the office before scheduling an endoscopic procedure.