If you are an asymptomatic* man or woman, without other CRC (colorectal cancer) risk factors, never had a previous screening study and
      – if you are 50 years or older
      – or if you are African-American and 45 years or older

you should have one of the following accepted screening studies for colorectal cancer:

Preferred Test


Interval if Normal

   10 years

Alternative Testing

   Flexible sigmoidoscopy**
   CT Colonography**
   Fecal Occult Blood Test**
   Double-contrast barium enema**

Interval if Normal

   5 – 10 years
   5 years
   1 year
   5 years

(*) Symptoms include rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, unexplained changes in bowel habits (diarrhea or constipation) or unexplained weight-loss
(**) You may require a follow up colonoscopy if the selected screening study is abnormal

For persons with risk factors, the preferred screening and surveillance method colonoscopy. The starting age and interval of examination is individually determined for each clinical situation according to National Guidelines and should be discussed with your physician.
      – A personal history of Crohn’s Disease
      – A personal history of Ulcerative Colitis
      – A personal History of a previously removed polyp (the type and
        number of polyps determine the next examination)
      – A personal History of Colorectal Cancer
      – A family history of Colorectal Cancer or adenomatous polyps in a
        first- or second-degree relative
      – A personal or family history of a known colon cancer causing
        genetic mutation including Familial Polyposis (FAP) or Lynch

If you would like to schedule a screening colonoscopy please click on the link to the right. We will then send you a link to complete a registration form and a brief medical questionnaire. If you do not have significant medical risk factors or medication requirements you may be able to arrange an outpatient colonoscopy without an office visit.